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Title: CelestialCoding Redesign
Post by: Celestialkey on January 08, 2015, 10:47:38 pm
It is going on 7 years this year that CelestialCoding has been hosted by Nathan. Over those 7 years, we have compiled and created many tutorials for anybody who happened to stumble onto this site and had a desire to learn. During the 7 years though, issues have begun to crop up and I thought it was time to nip them before it became cancerous.

Before I get into why this is happening, please understand this does not in any way affect the nature of this website. This site always has and, as long as it is within my power, always will be a free opensource tutorial site dedicated to helping the everyday guest learn programming or similar practices.

I mentioned before that some issues were starting to crop up. Most of these issues revolved around tutorials being either deprecated, inaccurate, superfluous, useless, incomplete, or otherwise aimless. The website's shoes were also starting to become a little too big to be filled by itself. Many categories were empty, or have only a single tutorial in it while others were the main area of interest. This redesigned is aimed to fix those issues.

I do hope that active users will respond to this post and lend me their input or ideas on how to categorize the website. I would love to hear some ideas but for now, here is the idea.

1. Focus the site around Tutorials with 1 tutorial area that has what can be called "high quality" or "complete tutorials".
2. No more categories for different languages, they can all be grouped together since only 2 languages were actually common in the 7 years of the websites activity. All languages and tutorials are still accepted, but there will be no more segregation of the languages.
3. A trial area for common tutorials that are good, but involve incomplete series, or is somehow inaccurate or causes some sort of issues will be created as well. This will be a "trial" area for tutorials until they get moved to the other zone.

Those 3 points are what the site is now based around. I intend to revamp the main page as well after I am settled with the current design.
Title: Re: CelestialCoding Redesign
Post by: Nathan on January 11, 2015, 12:43:59 am
I really think we should get a CMS module that makes it more like a website rather than a forum. I kind of like DreamPortal:


Also we should take a look at new themes or mods that would fit this forum. I feel like the more things to do and better appearance will drive more people to come and sign up.

Edit: We also need to clean up the spam accounts.
Title: Re: CelestialCoding Redesign
Post by: Celestialkey on January 11, 2015, 11:20:22 am
Lets do it. I'll remove all spam accounts if you can migrate us over to DreamPortal. It looks pretty nice. I'm not quite sure how to unload SimplePortal and all it's modules properly.

EDIT: I've removed all accounts I considered to be suspect. I used 2 criteria.
0-3 posts
200 or more days since last logon.

Many members accounts no longer exist, but they were most likely spam accounts. Since we now have a better bot detector, this major cleanup shouldn't happen again.

Hopefully :P