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Title: Image Comparison
Post by: Shishka on May 15, 2017, 01:18:02 pm

So I had a question abut comparing images. Let's start of with a quick background on my project:

I want to figure out when the lowest traffic density on a bridge is ( I want to know when it will most likely be empty for the longest amount of time ).

To start I have a traffic cam, It will give me a static image every 10-20 seconds. Project is in C# at the moment.
So I grab a new image from the cam every 20 seconds and store it.

Not the next part is where I am looking for some ideas. What is a reliable way to analyze the images in order to answer my question.

My thought was get an image of when the bridge is empty ( no traffic ) and then compare it to the other images, a higher match means less traffic. Never done this before so just a theory. However it would be nice for it to work all times of the day, night included.