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I subscribed to the thread. Lol. I havent been on as much because we havent run into problems with the programming yet

The game is not yet ready for playing as we are still gathering music, models and particles but ill let you know when it is open for testing

Request A Program or Tutorial / Client and server?
« on: August 06, 2009, 01:05:44 pm »
How do i program my game to have the ability to have users sign in to a multiplayer mode with lots of different servers to choose from so the game wont slow down?

Request A Program or Tutorial / Re: Physics coding?
« on: August 05, 2009, 01:32:18 pm »
That makes sense. And do you know how i would fit the formulas into my variables and funtion then?

Request A Program or Tutorial / Physics coding?
« on: August 05, 2009, 11:02:54 am »
Hey, how would i go about programming physics into my game/ game engine? Like to define gravity and friction and such. Would i make a class with those properties or what? Thanks

Thats the idea haha to keep players interested. We add new parts to the story as patches to the game haha

Key told me to post it here because it is the storyline for our game

Many years ago, Humans and Creatures once lived in total harmony on the Mainland.  There were no Clans or separation, it was only by language that things were divided. 
A brilliant professor by the name of Jandin, created a device called a Collar that allowed the Creatures to speak English and understand it as well as the other 12 languages that divided the Creatures and rendered them unable to communicate with each other. 
As payment for this technology, the Creatures gave the Humans the ability to use magic, which was only dreamed of by the most imaginative Humans.  Along with these gifts, came trouble.
Soon, war broke out with this marvelous technology and magic exchange.  Many Creatures wanted more technology, hoarding it from others and keeping it for themselves.  Alongside that, many Humans were equally selfish and hoarded magic, killing Creatures and Humans alike to steal their magic.  The war got so out of hand that eventually someone had to step in and stop it.  Jandin, being the brave Human he was, combined forces with Gunaba, a wise, elderly Creature who had suggested giving magic as a gift.  Together they took back all of the technology and magic that had been traded around with a machine and a spell that no one, to this day, knows about. 
Eventually it led back to the separation of the two groups, this time making it more permanent.  The Humans moved to an island off of the north-west coast of the Mainland to avoid further conflict with the Creatures, since, even though they could not speak the same language, they still had resentful feelings towards the Humans and would fight whenever they got the chance.  The Humans left for Canbane Island and the Creatures remained on the Mainland to continue their lives separated by the language barrier.
Once the Humans had arrived at Canbane Island, They built up a large city out of stone they found further into the island.  Soon a thriving society was born and the city became very prosperous and self independent. Their technology grew even greater than before as they started to build gear for hunting and better transportation. 
One man named Valdin invented what would be called the two greatest of all the technological advances for the Humans, a Memory Allocation Device (a M.A.D.) and a DNA accepting microchip. With these pieces of technology, one could take a DNA sample of a creature and become the creature through the distortion of the Humans DNA.  One could also access their brain's memory and store their memories of places they had been to and then go to those places in a room that would change itself into the memory's locations.
Soon entertainment was build off of this and Colosseumís were created to hold Matches where two people could change into the alternate creature form, use gear they had and fight each other to the death in locations they had stored in their M.A.D.  This was a great advancement and Humans were greatly prosperous after it as well from all of the gambling and selling of DNA.
 But along with this prosperity, a leader had to be chosen and that was where the trouble arose.  A man by the name of Gahan was brought forward and recommended as a leader for the Humans. He had a pure heart and sought for the greatness of humanity to come together to bring their group together.  Another man named Jabbi Den wished to become a leader, but not because he wanted the Humans to be peaceful, but because he wanted power and wanted to get revenge at the Creatures for driving them out of the Mainland. 
The two men set up debates to gather followers.  Eventually it came down to deciding who would be leader.  The majority of the Human race decided that the strongest, wisest and fastest candidate would become leader and a Match was set up for the two. 
Gahan pulled out the DNA of a Warbeast, a supposedly legendary Creature that no one had ever recorded seeing before.  Jabbi Den pulled out a DNA sample of a much weaker Creature and was almost oblitherated immediately.
A tie was called in the middle of the match since the Humans had a chance to see each others abilities and the Humans decided on Gahan to be leader.  Jabbi Den was furious and the following day, during the celebrations, he left with the many followers he had to create his own kingdom on another island, which he called the Scondorians after his son he had later Scondon.  The Humans who were left on Canbane Island were named the Rhondorians after Gahanís wife, Rhonda.  Since the Scondorians could only take limited amounts of technology and resources with them, they soon relied more upon physical abilities and also, learned later, languages of Creatures to survive instead of technology.
Once the Humans had left the Mainland, taking the Collars with them, the creatures had to somehow organize themselves even though they had no way to communicate among themselves.  A gathering was formed with one creature from each language present to discuss the future of the Creatures.  One creature alone retained the ability to speak all of the languages and that Creature was Zinthor, Jandinís first test subject.  Zinthor was a shady character to begin with and now as the Creatures discussed what would happen, he brought up a plan that would make him a leader over all of them and that all messages would be passed through him to the other languages. 
Gunaba was the first to fight this and since he was one of the wisest creatures, the others followed him.  Zinthor tried to trick the other language groups into thinking that Gunaba was actually supporting him by twisting his words, as he was the only translator but they could tell that by Gunabaís expression that he disapproved of Zinthor so they dismissed the idea. 
Zinthor, angry, stormed out of the meeting leaving the other eleven creatures to figure things out with the language barrier.  By nature and without needing a spoken decision, the language groups separated into twelve Clans: Tree Land, Tunnel, Black Land, Flame Rock, High Rock, Hot Sands, Cold Land, Death Water, Blind Rock, Flat Lands, Sea and Warbeast.  The Clans all went their separate ways to live in the lands they existed in but after a while, some Clans disappeared such as Flame Rock, Cold Land, Blind Rock and Warbeast and no one knew what happened to them.  Soon they were forgotten, however, and the remaining eight Clans existed peacefully, eventually also allowing the Humans to enter the Mainland once again after the feud was forgotten.   
~That was the Beginning, this is the End.~

Introductions / Re: Hello I'm Treesap from Sandstorm Entertainment
« on: August 03, 2009, 11:07:49 pm »
Okay thank you very much for your help, Key. I will be posting that storyline as quick as i can

Introductions / Re: Hello I'm Treesap from Sandstorm Entertainment
« on: August 03, 2009, 11:02:12 pm »
Haha yes i have heard that a lot, that we are attempting too big of a project.  I do know that it will be difficult and hard and very very frustrating at times but i see it more as a major bigtime learning experience.  I will learn more about debugging and such than ever before and it will help me a lot in learning programming.  That is also one reason i am creating the demo version first, i will start out with that small demo version then build to it as we go along, taking it one step at a time instead of major bites. We are also planning out pretty much EVERYTHING before we start the coding and pulling everything together to make it all just a bit easier.  I also know quite a few people, including an uncle of mine and a friend's dad, who makes 3D games for a living and can aide us through it. 
I know this is a big feat and we are going to approach it one little step at a time.
And where would you like me to post the storyline?

Introductions / Re: Hello I'm Treesap from Sandstorm Entertainment
« on: August 03, 2009, 10:47:24 pm »
We do have a site but it is for planning right now.  We are still in that stage and so right now I'm just gathering up code and functions and whatnot.  I WOULD post examples of the game engine, except we dont have one yet. haha. Still coding that.  However, before we start the actual game we ARE going to release a demo mode so we have something to show to gather up donations and sponsors.
And by major i mean it has a similarity to games such as Guild Wars and World of Warcraft and Rappelz.  That is what i mean by major. Right now we are actually pretty small with 12 members, the majority being musicians and artists.  We have only 1 3D modeller and animator and currently 1 programmer (which would be me but we may be getting another one soon).
Oh and i DO have a suggestion for the public if they wish to learn C++ (no offense to your tutorials, though i have not really looked at them yet so i can't say they are worse or better than these tutorials) I started learning it from  The author's name is Alex and he makes C++ very understandable and i think, easy to learn. I think you should provide a link to his site, as he is very good at explaining and also answers questions like you do.
If you would like an inside scoop i could post a basic skeleton of the storyline we have so far if you'd like?


Request A Program or Tutorial / how to make my own email domain...?
« on: August 03, 2009, 10:33:06 pm »
I have a question about how to make a email domain (not sure exactly what it is called) so that when i make an email account it would say like: "" or something. how would i do that?

Introductions / Hello I'm Treesap from Sandstorm Entertainment
« on: August 03, 2009, 09:38:18 pm »
I'm Treesap and I am the head of Sandstorm Entertainment. We are currently writing our first major game and i joined here to get help with coding since we have to make our own game engine and all the programs from scratch and i don't necessarily know a TON about programming but I'm still competent in understanding it.  Im learning C++ and that is what we are programming our game in. And I guess that's it.. haha

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