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I always wonder where and what do you start programming first when you create an Operating System? I also want to ask; If I learned enough python would it be possible to make an Operating System from just python coding?

Request A Program or Tutorial / Simple Game Engine Request
« on: March 07, 2009, 11:40:36 pm »
Well I have been looking around the web for a tool as such one that can take .obj files or 3d models and animate them and integrate them into a Video game. I pretty much need a simple Game Engine with a GUI. I don't need it to be able to put music into the game (I will figure that one out somehow) and I don't need physics (so don't program that in I will also figure this one out) I just need it to be a Game Engine without physics and music imports/inputs. I need it to be able to use imports of wings3d. I am no good with Command Line stuff so please make a GUI for it. I don't mind what language it is written in either.

   I realize this will take a LONG time to develop so take your time. I will credit the programmer of this engine in all of my games. The programmer will own the engine, all that I ask is to have a free commercial use license with the engine so I may be able to make some commercial games down the road. I also want the programmer to realize that if it's a nice enough Game Engine you can sell the license for large prophets of money to big game companies that take interest in it ( I have seen this one Game Engine programmed by a single guy; He sold his license for 7,000$ for Commercial use).

 I Will help advertise the engine for the programmer also (I know some people who work for big companies such as Ubisoft). If no one wants to take this task I understand. It is a large task to accomplish but a one man army is the best army you can find.

                        Junkie Gamer

Introductions / What's up? Call Me Junkie Gamer
« on: March 06, 2009, 11:10:24 pm »

     Hey guys what's up? call me Junkie Gamer.
I'm 14 and own a blog about Video games. I attempted to learn some python (I know some but not all)
Currently I am attempting to make a game which leads me here for some help with programing. I wanna learn all the C languages of programming so I can create my own Game Engine. I don't understand much about programming all I know is you need a compiler to compile the codes (I do understand some python though).

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