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Author Topic: Few grammatical errors and typos  (Read 2204 times)

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Few grammatical errors and typos
« on: November 02, 2009, 02:00:05 pm »
A few typos and grammar errors caught my eye when looking at the front page. A correct punctuation, grammar, and linguistic form gives the site a lot more professional look, so I think they should be fixed.

Here's the ones I noticed by quickly skimming through the texts on the front page... Some are nitpicking, I agree, but I don't think they would take long to fix, so I see no reason not to.

  • "Advertisment" should be "Advertisement" at the top of the page.
  • There are a few grammatical errors and potentially confusing parts on the "Welcome to Celestial Coding" introduction text. Below is the corrected text, with changed bits on bold:
    Celestial Coding is a site dedicated to those who want to learn programming. We care less about your reason for wanting to learn; if you are here to learn about viruses, anti-virus, malicious software, hacking, etc., it's all good. We have only a few rules for you to follow in return for having our entire site's material at your disposal. The rules can be found from inside the "Information Vault" category on our forums. We suggest viewing the forums in full screen mode.
  • "Video Of the day" should be changed to "Video Of The Day" to stay consistent with other info box titles.
  • "Information Vault" description text should be changed from "Rules, etc." to "Rules etc."
    Using a comma before etc. when the preceeding list has only one element is incorrect.
  • "Trash" description text should not have the "topics" word capitalized.
  • "Request A Promotion" description text has a few errors. Here's a corrected version:
    Submit a request for a particular position here. Current positions available are moderator and supporter. More will come later.
  • "Introductions" description text has "Post your own introduction if your new", when in fact it should be ...if you're new.
  • "Software support" should be renamed to "Software Support" to stay consistent with the rest.
  • "Software support" description text is missing the question mark in the last question "Need software help in general".
  • "Evolutionary Code Zone" description text changes from plural to singular in the last sentence. Correct wording would be "Please read the stickied post to understand how this sytem and area works."
  • "Challenges" description text uses singular when the sub-forum name is clearly in plural. Also not all of the challenges in there can be completed in any language or are for bragging rights only. ;)
  • "Request A Program" description begins a sentence with a lowercase letter. Also I think the final sentence ("Not all requests may be granted.") is quite clear even without being said. But that's just my personal opinion, of course. :)
  • "OS Developement" description text is... strange. "Create your own OS! Get some help here otherwise." Otherwise? If you're not creating your own OS? Maybe something like "Resources and support on creating and developing operating systems." would be better?
  • "BASIC" description text is missing a period before the shoot-off languages mention. Oh, and it's "All-purpose", not "Allpurpose".
  • In the "Assembly" section description there should be a space between the "Assembly" and the opening parenthesis. "Tutorials" should be written in lowercase.
  • "Reverse Engineering" description is misleading. There is also the "Support" child board.
  • Misc. is an abbreviation, so it should have a period after it in "Misc Languages". COBOL also belongs here, not in SL.
  • "Physics" description is misleading. Maybe "All about physics in game developement." instead? Also note the missing period at the end of the sentence.
  • "Hats" description is missing punctuation completely.
  • "Project Advertisment" should be "Project Advertisement". Also your -> you're and idea -> ideas.
  • "Beta Releases" description should probably begin "Got apps that require testing...."
  • "Literature" description has a few ambiguities. I think it should be something along the lines of (changed parts in bold): "Short stories. WARNING: Some stories may have sexual themes and/or content."
  • "Technology" description should have "demos" written in lowercase.
  • "Humor" description should probably be reworded to " your humorous stories or videos here."
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Re: Few grammatical errors and typos
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2009, 02:57:59 pm »
I feel like you just raped the forums lol.
I'll look into fixing them. The forum was created in a bit of a rush when we first got started. Thanks for finding some errors for us.
Created By: Eczuo
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