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Author Topic: Forum Features  (Read 5084 times)

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Forum Features
« on: October 21, 2012, 12:33:15 am »
I think we need this to point out some of the more subtle features of the forum.

First and foremost:

Code Tag
Code: [Select]
The code tag does NOT require a language, it will attempt automatically figure out what language you typed and highlight accordingly:

Code: [Select]
print "hello, world";
Sometimes it can't figure it out like so:

Code: [Select]
cout << "hello, world" << endl;
So then you need to specify it using code=lang ex code=cpp

Code: C++
  1. cout << "hello, world" << endl;

Spoiler tag

This tag will allow you to "hide" text from people who may not want to see it. It is call "spoiler" because it may spoil a surprise for a book/movie/show ect

Code: [Select]
(click to show/hide)

LaTex tag

This tag allows to write LaTex code to draw/write out math symbols:

Code: [Select]
[tex]{\Delta t}=t_{2}-t_{1}[/tex]
{\Delta t}=t_{2}-t_{1}

Thread reviews

Thread reviews all you to rate a thread. They will not appear for your own threads :).


Inline attachments

Inline attachments allow you to attach files, and images inline with the post without requiring a user to scroll down to the bottom to download/view it.
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Re: Forum Features
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2012, 02:49:14 pm »
Huh... All the stuff we made custom BBC tags for now got streamlined. How nice.
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